Lord willing, we have plenty of years to date when the kids are grown...

It's the day before Valentine's Day...I'm tired and didn't initially plan on sitting to write a blog.  But honestly I've been knee deep in kids, work and errands all day, and this time of night I long for a few minutes of alone time.  So, I'm camped on the couch...there's two baskets of clean laundry that need folding (right in my line of sight ironically)...I'm not doing it tonight.  I've turned on today's episode of The Price Is Right...laugh if you want...you can keep your This Is Us...I don't have the energy to ugly cry like it sounds like you all have...I can barely hold back tears when some needy person wins a car on this show.  When I was pregnant, IT.GOT.UGLY.  I've always loved the show...have said I wanted to go sometime, but have never been that far away. Maybe one day:) For tonight, it's on...I'm half listening as I write this and for some strange reason, it's comforting.

I finished Valentine's for Effie and Cullen just before I tucked them in.  It was last minute and was based on what Target had left in stock and what ideas Pinterest had to match that stock.  Tootsie Pop flowers won that bid.  They're cute and the kids helped, so they're satisfied.  Valentine's Day brings up a ton of good memories for our family...it's where it all started.  A couple of months ago I shared our story on a blog post...I won't go over it all again, but if you haven't read it, go read it.  It's mine and Matt's story, but it really is a good one:)  Effie has asked me to tell her the story a couple of times over the last week...I'm saving it for tomorrow.  Here's the link if you have a couple of extra minutes.  https://www.faithfamilyandafarm.com/blog/2017/12/18/how-we-met

Your Facebook feed will be filled with flowers, cards, jewelry, and extravagant gifts for most people tomorrow.  I don't know about you, but the money in our account is exactly that...OURS.  If a dozen roses or some expensive gift in a fancy box showed up for me tomorrow, the only thought I would have is "how much did that take out of our account?!"  Through the year, if I need something, I get it.  The same is true for Matt.  Valentine's Day is not when I need gifts....a card is plenty, but keep your presents.  For us, even though February 14 was where our story started...it's not about us.  We make it about the kids.  Effie started planning this year's Valentine's Day date with her daddy on February 15th of last year.  She loves celebrations...parties, showers, dates...she loves it..and she talks about it and plans...ALL YEAR LONG! About four years ago, we set out to have Matt take Effie out on Valentine's Day instead of him taking me.  We both want her to know what being treated well feels like, so that she has those same expectations from someone that she loves one day. 

So many times in life, little girls don't get to see how women should be treated by a man that loves her so dearly...we want her to see that.  Their date usually involves a nice dinner out, candy, a card and a small gift.  I don't consider her high maintenance, but just so you know, once the bar is set...there's no going back.  With the crazy soaking wet weather lately, there was a chance that the baseball team Matt helps to coach would do a make up game tomorrow...I tried to mentally prepare Effie this morning just in case...I had to talk her off of a ledge at the mere thought that the date would be postponed.  Thank God the game won't be played tomorrow and the planning of the date can go on. 

After I help her the most beautiful girl get dressed, I'll tuck them in for their date tomorrow and wave as they drive away.  Then,  me and the boys will pack up and head out on a date of our own.  They get candy too...and their best present, is a date just mom and the boys.  They love it...someone is usually holding my hand, and they usually argue about who will sit by me, and honestly there have been times where we all sat on one side...surrounded by two handsome guys that are all mine for now...it couldn't be better.  

I'm not saying this is the right way to do it...I know many of you will get a sitter and head out on a date with your husband or love tomorrow.  I don't judge you for that at all...this is just what works for us.  We've been married for 13 years...some days it feels like two...somedays like two-hundred, but Lord willing, we have plenty of years left to date when the kids are grown.  Carson is twelve...in four years he could drive...will he still want to go on a date with me?  He's a handsome little dude...my guess to that question would be "no".  We are always on the go...it's our life and I love it, but I can stop long enough to realize that this time with them is quickly slipping away.  So, while I can, I'm gonna dress that sweet girl of mine up tomorrow afternoon for the best date with her Daddy...and I'm gonna meet two of the most good looking guys right after that for a date with me...and I'm gonna let them choose the restaurant...the music...the conversation...I'm just gonna choose to make memories....and we will continue to do it for as long as any of them want to.

Tootsie Roll Pop flowers
Valentine's Day flowers