Faith, Family and a Farm is the birth of my blog and wandering thoughts...I'm sure some more intriguing than others.  I am just freshly leaving my job "catching babies", which I've done for the last 10 years.  I've loved being a midwife, and am so thankful for every experience...good or bad...I think so many of those moments have helped shape who I am today.  However, over the years, the hours have increased and so has the time away from my three little people (and my husband, of course).  I've found myself giving precious hours taking care of other women birthing their families, while mine was at home crying as I left.  The older they've gotten, the more they hated me being away.  In lots of ways, it was easier when they were babies, and didn't miss me as much.  Our life has evolved in our marriage, and we find ourself so blessed to own a farm in our own little piece of took faith to open it up as a took faith to walk away from such a demanding job...I did it for our family...I did it for the perfect mix of chaos and love.